Organization at a Glance

LF Staffing and its affiliated brand maintains one of the nation's largest and industry-leading networks of 200 offices enabling us to assist both our clients and employees with their flexible staffing needs.  At LF Staffing, we fully understand that our clients and employees' future is our future and that without them we cannot grow and prosper; this is why we serve them with professionalism and care.

Our service is simple to use. For each hour of service provided, you are responsible for a fixed rate per hour. No need to worry about payroll, taxes, insurance, benefits, sick and vacation time…we handle it all for you. Clients served are from nearly every industry in our economy.

LF Staffing is consistently ranked as a top staffing company by leading organizations and publications within and outside of the staffing industry. We are recognized as a leader with our industry trade association. In addition, we want to earn your trust and partnership so we can become a long-term provider for all your staffing needs.

LF Staffing: A Leader in the Staffing Industry
LF Staffing is a highly respected leader in the staffing industry for companies needing a flexible and stable workforce. LF Staffing assists clients across all industry sectors; including, small and medium-sized enterprises, local, multinational and global companies to enable them to achieve their business goals while giving them a competitive edge.
As a leader in the staffing industry, we continue to provide clients with solutions that meet their needs. We are proud of our success, achieved from having the most committed service team in the industry. While competition has come and gone, LF Staffing remains strong and continues to grow. We assist thousands of customers by providing meaningful flexible employment in the rapidly changing employment environment.  We invite you to become a long-term client or employee of LF Staffing so we can help you grow and become more successful. Clients rely on LF Staffing to provide them the right employees on time; with the added comfort in knowing that LF Staffing associates will be there for them should a problem arise. America's workforce is changing as more and more people are looking for the flexibility that LF Staffing provides.